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How To Choose The Best Custom Wardrobe Manufacturer

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With seemingly endless designs of custom wardrobes available in the market today, many people are increasingly in need of reputable supplier partners. Buying your custom wardrobe from a reputable manufacturer will guarantee its quality and longevity.


There are very many factors that you need to consider when selecting your custom wardrobe supplier, and we will discuss them in a minute, but first, let’s understand what it is.


What is a custom wardrobe? A custom wardrobe is a built-in storage space with drawers, shelves, and additional features to allow for various storage options such as cabinets, hanging, and shelving. They come in different designs, with the majority of them being floor-based.


What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Wardrobe Supplier?


The main factors to consider when selecting the right manufacturer include;


Reasonable cost


Always go for companies with reasonable pricing; not too expensive to frighten you away and again not too cheap to cheat you off. Also, consider the shipping fee and any other cost you will need to have a completely working custom wardrobe. A reputable manufacturer will give you the money’s worth.


Dedicated to providing excellent customer service


Reputable manufacturers understand the value and importance of focusing on exceptional customer service. Buy your wardrobe from a manufacturer that prioritizes customer services – this will reduce the cost of installation and make your wardrobe installation stress-free.


The company’s reputation and licensing


Go for companies with good client reviews. Always ensure that you examine the firm’s past history before buying your wardrobe to get some insight into the quality of the products they sell. Also, the selected firm should be insured and licensed to guarantee that the organization is trustworthy, accountable, and capable of dealing with any issues that may emerge.


Product quality


The selected supplier should be able to provide a wide range of layouts and finishes at an affordable cost, as well as detailed explanations of the benefits of different materials and styles.

How Do You Buy Custom Wardrobes Online From PA?

Initiate a Quotation or Drawing

First, submit design specifications or a drawing for our teams to evaluate. Contact us to begin the process. Do not hesitate; we have our sales team ready.


Drawing Analysis


Here, the specifications are turned into a design. If you have already submitted a drawing, it will be evaluated and optimized according to the production standards.


Design and Approval


The design is approved by you, as our client. You will receive different versions and only the chosen one which appeals to you. You can also suggest changes, which will be considered.


Sign a Contract


After design approval, you are presented with papers to sign. The paperwork outlines the terms and conditions of the contract and acts as a binding legal document. Next, you pay for the deposit, and production commences.


Logistical Service


PA is responsible for packaging the unassembled custom wardrobes and forwarding them to your shipping company. You will receive your package in the next 25-40 days from the day the contract was initiated.




You confirm the received package and sign the receipt note. Your team or technician can then proceed to install the wardrobes. We are also available to offer technical support when needed.




In addition to this brief guide on different factors to consider when choosing the right custom wardrobe supplier and how to buy a custom wardrobe online from PA, it is always recommended that you buy your custom wardrobe from reputable manufacturers such as PA Kitchen Cabinets. You can also read our article on Kitchen Layout

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