Our Services

We are more than just a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, and bathroom vanities. We are a trusted value manufacturer for the multifamily and high-end residential industries. Our automated production lines ensure that we deliver luxury products for high-volume orders on your schedule.

What Can We do for You?

We offer a wide range of services to meet any of your project’s specifics needs. These services include: cabinetry, flooring, windows, bathroom vanities, custom closets, and more!

How Do We Work?


Get multiple instant quotes per your requirements. Checkout our industry-best material standards.



Meet our designers and get ideas for your home/project. Experience the latest finishes and accessory options.



See your home/project in 2D or 3D. Our designer suggests the right color combinations.



Fast and Error-free installation, powered by our industry first Design-2-Build technology.


What We Offer at Every Stage

Product Design

We are an innovation company and are constantly leading the industry with new designs. We will make your vision a reality. Our design software team will help bring your ideas to life with CAD drawings in 2D as well as 3D animation renderings, or you can send us the product requirements and we will create something special and unique for your specific project. We pride ourselves being at the forefront of the new trends in the cabinet industry. For our valued customers, our design services are always complimentary. 

Accurate Measurements

Are you unsure about the specifications of the order? We offer on-site assistance so you can get the most accurate measurements, and help calculate your order with you.

Please don’t hesitate send us messages if you need help for accurate measurements. UCS will do our best to help you.


Who says you can’t get it all at one place? With our advanced manufacturing technology, we’re able to provide competitive pricing while offering the highest-quality products. At US Commercial Supply, we say you can have it all! 

Along with exceptional customer service, our technology and equipment allow for even the most demanding project to be completed efficiently. We build all the factors into our products and back them up with exceptional customer service. We use German Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery and production software by HOMAG for productivity and efficiency and only the highest quality construction materials. 

Our expertise in cabinet manufacturing allows us to continue to provide you with below-market prices with superior quality. Our kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and bathroom vanities will be timely delivered in the exact specifications your project requires. 

Our computerized working technology eliminates human error and keeps our prices competitive for you. 

Quality Control

We provide superior products and quality control by eliminating human errors by using integrated technologies to ensure precision pieces and cutting accuracy. At every stage of production, we scan QR codes which are attached to each panel or package. These codes allow us to always make the correct size for components, provide the appropriate accessories, and keep track your order at all times. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and QR code tracking keeps production costs low and production efficiency high. 

Installation Service

We offer our experienced installation team and services for you upon request. Wherever your project is located, we will always provide reliable, quick, and efficient installation. 


As your satisfaction is always our priority, upon request prior to shipping, we will assemble a unit for each item that you have ordered and take photos for you. Once the final inspection has been carried out, we will securely package and ship the remaining products to you. We ensure that our packaging methods meet or exceed the specifications of freight carrier standards, including high-grade wrapping materials and corner protection to keep your products safe and avoid damage while in transit. For your convenience, we offer both flat packing and assembled packing. 

One of our greatest strengths is getting your order designed and manufactured quickly and efficiently. Once you place an order, we can determine delivery & shipment schedules for your approval through our automated tracking system. 

Our efficient process boosts short lead times in the design and manufacture of your orders. Upon submission of an order, we provide product details, measurements, and the delivery and shipment schedules. 

Materials for all the products are in stock in our large warehouse to ensure every order can be processed smoothly and quickly.